"Surely the hottest rock-twins in Germany at the moment," ...

... The twin-brothers Benny and Bastian Korn have worked hard for their amazing reputation.
Born in 1978 they have shared the stage for more than 25 years, in over 1.000 concerts in the whole of Germany, England, Austria, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands. They have developed into extraordinary entertainers, that excel in their electrifying Rock 'n' Roll show with a varied song repertoire, which continues to enthral large international audiences. Experts declare them as one of the best Live-Acts in Germany and the numerous awards the band has received in the last years, emphasize that reputation:

  • Winners of the "Composer's Grand Prix" in Aachen in 2004
  • Finalists of the biggest song-contest in England, the "UK Songwriting contest" (2004)
  • Multiple laureate at the "German Rock & Pop Prize" (best Song, best Rockband and the spectator prize) in 2006
  • In December 2005 a song written by Bastian Korn was released on "New Modern Christmas Classics" in the USA.

The big German broadcasting networks are showing interest.. The band has airplay on WDR2 and NDR2 and in Belgium a number of their songs are played in rotation on the radio. In 2008 Bastian received another honor, "Best Pop-Singer" awarded by the judges of the "German Rock & Pop Prize". Performances in other European countries continue to increase their fame outside of Germany. In 2011 the band released their latest studio-album "Works" and in the autumn of 2013 the band's first DVD-production will be released.

The "78Twins" are:

  • Benny Korn: drums, vocals
  • Bastian Korn piano, vocals
  • Martin Ettrich: guitar
  • Sven Hiller: bass